What is the NM Commissioner of Public Lands?

There’s a hidden gem in the state of New Mexico, high above the
reach of the governor and the legislature, on a virtual shelf, covered in the dust of neglect, ignorance and greed. The office of Commissioner of Public Lands is a position that few, if any (including the Republican Party), are aware exists, let alone find significant.

The Office of Public Lands is responsible for administering 9 million surface acres and 13 million subsurface acres of land. The office manages these lands for the beneficiaries of the New Mexico State Land Trust. 

The office’s mission is “to use state trust land to raise revenue for New Mexico public schools, hospitals, colleges, and other public institutions.” (source) 

Larry Marker for NM Senate District 27

Larry Marker was born in Hobbs in 1963. As a child his family settled in Roswell in 1972 after living all over southeastern New Mexico. Larry Marker is known to his closest friends and family by his nickname “Lead”. The various businesses and entrepreneurial ventures he is currently or has engaged in include oil and gas production, farming, ranching, manufacturing, construction and service.

Marker’s unique experiences in life and business qualify him for this position and have exposed him to the reality and consequences of our bloated corrupt state government. The arbitrary and capricious laws, policies and over-regulation that is common in all areas of our state government are what prompted Marker to align himself with multiple conservative American patriot grass roots movements and groups while he was and is pursuing numerous legal causes of action. Thousands of hours of research and legal study have resulted in a practical working knowledge of our State Constitution, Statutes and Government.

Larry Marker is dedicated to the preservation of the American way of life. His Christian faith, patriotism, work ethic and intrepid nature are an inseparable part of who and what he is.

Larry Marker, in pursuit and expansion of his efforts, is running as an Independent WRITE-IN Candidate for the position of NM Commissioner of Public Lands and is currently seeking inclusion on the November 2022 general election ballot as an Independent WRITE-IN Candidate.


Larry Marker

575-910-0300 call or text if you have any questions.