New Mexico's Hidden Gem...

There’s a hidden gem in the state of New Mexico, high above the reach of the governor and the legislature, on a virtual shelf, covered in the dust of neglect, ignorance and greed. The office of Commissioner of Public Lands is a position that few, if any (including the Republican Party), are aware exists, let alone find significant.

Larry Marker for NM Commissioner of Public Lands

 This position, however, holds the key to state land contracts, grazing rights, oil and gas leases, mining and commercial leases, and water rights. It is perhaps the single most important seat of power and control over the state’s natural resources, land management and investments.

Times have changed. We can no longer turn a blind eye and expect politicians or a political party to save us. We have to save ourselves. We have to sacrifice. We have to serve. In this spirit of taking action in the best interest of the people, a true champion for freedom has stepped up to undertake this herculean task and run for State Land Commissioner. Larry (Lead) Marker, a pro-se’ legal authority, taught himself how to fight state regulation through the court system in order to defend his independent oil production operation. For years, he has witnessed the state randomly revoking leases held by families for generations, destroying
livelihoods – literally selling family legacies to the highest bidding corporations. It is nothing short of a modern-era Santa Fe Ring – stealing the land from the people and selling it at an exorbitant price to line the pockets of politicians.

It can safely be said that few have the experience and knowledge Larry has gained through the years to serve him perfectly in this position of managing our state wealth and resources for future generations.

During lockdown, no one fought harder in the defense of families, businesses, schools, medical, state and federal workers – than Larry Marker. The people of New Mexico know him as a true hero – author of the Citizens Petition for Grand Jury.

Alas – the “who you know – good old boy” system of New Mexico politics has worked against him, forcing him to run as an Independent. This comes with its own challenge of a seemingly insurmountable requirement of 14K signatures just to appear on the ballot!!

Let’s settle for nothing less than the best. New Mexico’s future depends on it. 

He is truly a godsend “For such a time as this….”