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Countdown Expired!

Make A Mark for Larry Marker!

Larry Marker is an independent write in candidate for NM Commissioner of Public Lands. Watch this video for more information about protecting your vote on November 8th.

What is the NM Commissioner of Public Lands?

There’s a hidden gem in the state of New Mexico, high above the
reach of the governor and the legislature, on a virtual shelf, covered in the dust of neglect, ignorance and greed. The office of Commissioner of Public Lands is a position that few, if any (including the Republican Party), are aware exists, let alone find significant.

The Office of Public Lands is responsible for administering 9 million surface acres and 13 million subsurface acres of land. The office manages these lands for the beneficiaries of the New Mexico State Land Trust. 

The office’s mission is “to use state trust land to raise revenue for New Mexico public schools, hospitals, colleges, and other public institutions.” (source) 

The Important Issues

Oil & Gas

Would you believe there is an energy source that could solve all our energy problems?

Water Rights

Today New Mexico is faced with sobering water issues. These issues require everyday citizens to pay attention. 

Grazing Rights

We need a Commissioner that can navigate the complicated territory between the federal government, the state , and the rancher.

Mining & Commercial Leases