The Referendum FIGHT!

A FIGHT for free and fair in elections. 

A FIGHT for parental and community rights. 

A FIGHT for life and liberty.



Be an informed citizen. Learn what your rights are. Learn how to interact with your elected officials. Remember THEY work for YOU! Find your legislators on the NM Legislature website.


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The people reserve the power to disapprove, suspend and annul any law enacted by the legislature…Petitions disapproving any law other thanvthose above excepted, enacted at the last preceding session of the legislature, … If such petition or petitions be signed by not less than twenty-five per centum of the qualified electors under each of the foregoing conditions and be filed with the secretary of state within ninety days after the adjournment of the session of the legislature at which such law was enacted, the operation thereof shall be there upon suspended and the question of its approval or rejection shall be likewise submitted to a vote at the next ensuing general election. If a majority of the votes cast thereon and not less than forty per centum of the total number of votes cast at such general election be cast for its rejection, it shall be thereby annulled; …”

Article IV, Section 1



Voting Rights Protections

This bill invites voter fraud by heavily promoting automatic voter registration, with or without the consent of the person being registered.

It lowers voter qualifications to include even the incarcerated.

It increases 3rd party access to voter rolls, inviting 3rd party manipulation, encourages absentee and mail-in voting.

Increases points of collection with permanent drop boxes, making ballots highly susceptible to tampering.


Reproductive & Gender-Affirming Health Care

Any Child Abuser can direct a minor to abortion or transgender interventions, both surgical and chemical, without parental notification.

Those who, by religious or conscientious objection, discourage these procedures or notify the minor’s parent, can be fined. “Public bodies” must affirm the child’s request and must not tell the parents, or they are fined $5,000.

No state or local ordinance that conflicts with this bill, may be enforced.

The ‘born alive’ ruling will not be enforced (door to legalized infanticide).


Reproductive Health Provider Protections

This bill works in tandem with HB7 by protecting from liability those who:

Refer, assist in, or perform abortion or transgender procedures, even on a minor from prosecution and civil actions.

Violates the 10th Amendment by disallowing enforcement of a subpoena from another state.

Lays out a welcome mat for:

Sex trafficking, and child predators, and questionable medical practitioners.


Election Changes

This bill is FILLED with new rules to:

Information from the public.

The referendum process.

of rigged elections.

The release of our tax information to the secretary of state.


Child Abuse Best Interest Standard

Expands sexual orientation and gender identity as a class with protected rights.

Just use your imagination and create a NEW identity, to then force everyone to acknowledge this new imaginary identity, New class of nonsense or you’ll be sued because you are simply not interested in addressing others by…
PURE Biologic Chromosomal X or Y
Boy, Girl, Man & Woman Truths…

“Follow the Science” Accurately 
REPLACED by Reasons to Sue EVERYONE 


School Based Health Centers

Facilitates HB7 by calling for

“school-based clinics”

Which would have authority to:

Provide physical, mental services, crisis intervention.

Refer for surgeries including abortion and transgender procedures on minors without parental notification.

Serves as a Government expansion in our communities.


Expand Human Identity Rights Act Scope

Forces public facilities and businesses who contract with the state to comply with mixed gender bathrooms and locker rooms to satisfy gender affirmation. Biological males will be allowed to participate in woman’s sports and be protected by the law. Prohibits religious organizations from limiting services to people who do not hold the same beliefs. For example, if a faith-based organization contracts with the government to provide foster care placement, but refuses to recognize same-sex couples as a home for placement, they will be in violation of this bill

Larry Marker running for NM Senate district 27

Larry "Lead" Marker

Running for NM Senate District 27

Larry Marker was born in Hobbs in 1963. As a child his family settled in Roswell in 1972 after living all over southeastern New Mexico. Larry Marker is known to his closest friends and family by his nickname “Lead”. The various businesses and entrepreneurial ventures he is currently or has engaged in include oil and gas production, farming, ranching, manufacturing, construction and service.

Marker’s unique experiences in life and business qualify him for this position and have exposed him to the reality and consequences of our bloated corrupt state government. The arbitrary and capricious laws, policies and over-regulation that is common in all areas of our state government are what prompted Marker to align himself with multiple conservative American patriot grass roots movements and groups while he was and is pursuing numerous legal causes of action. Thousands of hours of research and legal study have resulted in a practical working knowledge of our State Constitution, Statutes and Government.

Larry Marker is dedicated to the preservation of the American way of life. His Christian faith, patriotism, work ethic and intrepid nature are an inseparable part of who and what he is.

Larry Marker, in pursuit and expansion of his efforts, is running as a Republican Candidate for NM Senate District 27 seat. 

Thank you for your support!

— Larry “Lead” Marker

Minimum Goal For Signatures Statewide

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